Corporate Governance

Head Quarter factory:

products and parts related to industrial equipment. HQ factory has established an integrated in-house production system from 3D CAD data program creation to precision sheet metal processing, machining, and assembly of electronic equipment. In addition, we have established a quality assurance system based on ISO9001 since 2000, and provide high-quality products in small lots and in a wide variety of products.

Long objects such as sashes and bars can be processed up to 2,500mm. In addition, we have a sheet metal processing machine and a machining machine in our factory. The range of thickness for sheet metal processing is 0.1 mm to 5.0 mm, and for machining, the processing is possible up to a thickness that fits inside the machine tool.

HQ factory handles a wide range of materials such as aluminum, iron, copper, brass, and resin, and the variety of shapes, such as plates, thick objects, and round objects.

Niigata Factory;

Specialized in the manufacture of aircraft interiors, and has equipment that are specialized in the manufacture of aircraft interiors.

Niigata factory has an in-house production system that starts from cut, drill, glue, and crimp precision sheet metal processed products and resin/metal cut products, assemble them as assembled products, print them with an industrial inkjet printer, and after final inspection, pack them appropriately and shipping.

Aircraft-related products are required "traceability" for each part. At our company, everything from processing materials to adhesives are managed by lot number and mill sheets (steel material inspection certificates), etc., and we have established a system that allows us to trace them at any time.

In addition, we carry out work in compliance with detailed work standards and manufacturing regulations such as working temperature, storage environment temperature, and tightening torque.

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