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Quality Policy(Integration Policy)

Product Quality Policy

UNIUS Niigata Factory Co., Ltd. responds to high-mix, low-volume, multi-functional production in a short delivery time, and earns the trust and satisfaction of our customers. In addition, in the associated manufacturing business activities, we will set quality targets as follows and operate the business to the extent that it is technically and economically possible.

1). Each department sets quality targets, strives to achieve them, and reviews them regularly.
2). In order to achieve customer satisfaction, all employees will accurately grasp and disseminate customer needs and provide products and services of excellent quality.
3). We will clarify and comply with internationally recognized quality standards, laws and regulations, and requirements that we deem necessary.
4). Prepare the necessary resources to maintain high quality and reliability.
5). We will constantly review the quality management system built based on this policy, raise the awareness of our employees, and continuously improve it.
6). We will strive to continuously improve the quality management system through self-management, conduct internal audits, and conduct periodic reviews.
7). We will make sure that all employees understand this quality policy and will inform our suppliers of our quality policy as well with requesting their understanding and cooperation.
8). We will announce this quality policy to both inside and outside the company.

Environmental Policy

Under the priority policy of "Customer First", the Uni-Holdings Group aims to be a manufacturing company that responds to the trust of customers by accurately grasping their needs, our spirit of inquiry, and the technological capabilities we have cultivated over the years.

As we look to the future, we protect the environment and respond to changing environmental conditions while balancing socio-economic needs to ensure an environment where future generations can meet their own needs.

1). We will accurately understand the impact of our business activities on the environment, set goals to prevent or reduce the impact on the environment, and proceed with our business activities together with our employees.
2). We use sustainable or environmentally friendly resources whenever possible.
3). Reduce and eliminate waste of raw materials, Reuse and Recycle; we manufacture products that meet customer requirements while actively incorporating recycling.
4). We understand corporate social responsibility and operate our company responsibly.

While implementing the above policy and making continuous improvements, we will promote corporate management that balances "quality" and "environment".

September 1, 2022

Uni-Holdings Group
CEO Kenji Edamatsu

Unius Co., Ltd. Niigata Factory
Director and Factory Manager Hitoshi Ikemoto

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